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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Since When Does Yes To Coffee Mean Yes To Sex!!!

What the HELL is wrong with men these days??? It doesn't seem to matter how old or young they are. Doesn't matter if you meet them through friends or at a bar!! If you agree to coffee, these men expect that you will be having sex with them after!! Half the time they try to skip the coffee all together!! If we are not at least worth a nice dinner and a little conversation, then you definitely are not worth even one second of our time, never mind our nakedness!!!

Now, I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to the piggish ways of men, and usually the first one to laugh at a dirty joke!! The fact that a woman may enjoy sex, doesn't mean she's willing to do it with just anybody!!! Most women would rather pull out the toy box and play with themselves,  then have sex with a strange man just to fake an orgasm. At least when we break out the "toy" box we know an orgasm is a sure thing!!! 

Yes, I agree that sex can be just sex. You must keep in mind that women are always thinking about their safety, and laying naked on their back with a 200lb man draped between their legs, can be a pretty vulnerable position for some women to be in! If we don't know anything about you or your personality, how can u expect us to hop into bed and spread our legs for you??? A woman must be comfortable with a man before she can give herself to him. That is a BIG DEAL!! In most cases the man can over power a woman in an instant, and none of us want to wake up in the back of some blacked out van or end up dead. So we would like to know a little about a man before we let him man handle us!!! When ya think about it doesn't that make sense??? 

The more you show that sex is all you want, the less of a chance there is you will actually get it!! Give us a reason, show us you are different from all the rest!! No, you don't have to take her to the most expensive restaurant, or buy her expensive things. All you have to do is show her that you ARE in fact interested in HER!!! AND if you are not really interested then don't call or text in the first damn place!! It's pretty simple!! 

Besides, do you really want to jump into bed with a woman who will jump in with any man who crosses her path?!?! Nope, ya don't!! Slutty isn't Sexy, You want  a woman who has skills so good they are only shown to the VIP??? So to clear things up. When you invite her out for coffee, or dinner she is in fact expecting coffee or dinner!!  Now, if she invites you in for coffee, after dinner that is a whole other ball game ;) 

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Ladies, 5 Signs That He's Into You!!!!

Sometimes it can be difficult to read your guys signals, in the early stages of your relationship!! Take some time to observe your guys behavior, and take note!!

1) You are the first person he contacts in the morning!! Via email, text, or an old fashioned phone call, just to say good morning!! The thought of you makes him smile, and he just wants you to know that he is thinking about you!

2) He contacts you a few more times through out the day!! A simple text message, asking you how your day is going, or maybe just a simple smiley face!! Point is, he can't stop thinking about you, you are always on his mind!!! All he can think about is when he will see you next, he's very into you!!

3) He's talking about you to his friends!! (Guys don't ramble on  about flings  or one night stands) It doesn't matter how the conversation starts, it usually ends with something about, how great you are!!

4) He wants to take you out and enjoy life with you, show you off to the world!  He calls you, out of the blue to get dressed for dinner, and he's actually made reservations!  He's not calling you at 10pm to see if you want to watch a "move". For those of you who don't know, That's a Booty Call!!

5) He talks about attending events months down the road, as if you will be going together!! A big concert, summer vacations, family visits etc. You hear him saying "we" instead of saying "I" all of the time!

6) You see him every day, or at least every day that he is free!! Even if it's only for a quick coffee, he is happy to put in the effort!! If he's not with you every day, he is telling you via text, email or phone call, telling you how much he would like to be there with you!!

7) He's giving and attentive!! Between the sheets, it's not all about him, and things are never rushed!! Foreplay is Fun for him, not a chore!! When he's taking the time to explore, you know he's storing that info, for future reference!! Guys who are only out for sex, don't really take much time for anything, other than the sex part!! Foreplay, is usually very short, if at all!!

It doesn't take much to understand your guy, a few minutes of observing his behavior, and you will learn all you will ever need to know!! Remember this though, relationships should always be 50-50, and you only get out, what you put into it!!!  Does your Sex Drive need a boost??

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Two Words, That Can Help You Avoid Dating,The Playa

Oh you know the type. They are so handsome as well as charming, it's almost impossible to see a single flaw in their existence!!! He has a devilish white smile, deep sparkling eyes, well groomed and dresses quite well. He knows how to read any woman, and knows what tricks to pull out of his pocket, to have you eating out of his hand!!!!
Hold on a minute ladies. Slam on those breaks, for one itty bitty minute!! Did this set up/ meeting at any point include the sentence, "He's just looking for a "Nice Girl", Or  "I'm looking for a "Nice Girl"?!?!  If it did, WALK, NO better yet RUN, RUN as fast and as far away from them as your legs will take you!!!!!  "Nice Girl" is Pimpology for "Dumb Girl"  For some strange reason, men seem to think that a nice girl is a dumb girl!!!
In fact in some ways, maybe we are. Kind hearted woman tend to always look for the good in people. We don't usually jump to the worst scenario right away. So when our man calls and  says he's working late, we actually believe,  he is working late.  We don't for one minute think he's out running around with some dirty hootch behind your back!!! Because we in our hearts believe they love us!!! Pfffffffffft. That's a load of crap!! The ones who are looking for "Nice Girls" are looking for girls who just don't think on a lying cheating level, so they can not see through the dirty little lies he will be feeding you along the way!!!
After you have been with a few of these cheating rat bastards, you start to see through bold face lies, as well as the little white ones just a bit better!!! You are still you, (Nice) but you are a little bit wiser, in the ways of the playa!!
So ladies weather you are searching online dating profiles or being set up by a friend, if it includes the words “Nice Girl”, you need to keep clicking or politely decline. As cute as they can be, can you really deal with another broken heart these days?!?! Wouldn't it be great to nip one or two in the bud??
Be sure they NEVER Mistake Your Kindness For Weakness!!

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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Less Endowed, Haven't Been Getting The Credit They Deserve!! So Here's To You!

 It really is true. Size DOES NOT Matter, and I'm going to explain why!!!
This will bring a little relief to the fellas out there, who may be a little less endowed than average!! 

For most men, it's all about, "mine is bigger, no mine is bigger." The bigger the better, right?? WRONG!!! For some of us petite ladies, it's hard to rock a thick, 10+ ich ,  pain free & with as much enthusiasm and skill as we possess!! (although a little pain during sex can be fun, There is a limit to what us petite gals can take. lol)

For Women foreplay is of the utmost importance. It is THE key, to all great sex!! The verdict is in, on the less endowed!! Do not sell them short ladies!!  Those men are usually so eager to please, they will touch, kiss and lick you from head to toe!! They will not miss one, hot spot on your body!! Making sure to give a little extra TLC, on those extra special little places!!! They will have a tongue, that will make your eyes roll into the back of you head!!!  Break out B.O.B. from your trusty toy box, put it in his hand, lay back and enjoy!! The combo of BOB, being able to hit all  the right spots on the inside, while ur fella works his magic on the outside! Ladies you are in for the orgasm or two, or three of a life time!! 

These men will never be ready to climax, until they are certain their lady is 100% satisfied and has reached her pleasure peak for the evening!! By the time he slides inside, he is so hott for you at this moment, not to mention you for him. Sex is gonna blow your freakin mind!!  Yup, I'm talking about Mind blowin, toe curlin, wake the neighbours kinda sex.

So the next time someone says "They've heard he's a little less than average." You can respond with, Wow really?? That's exciting!! Ladies, you need to give these poor guys a break. They've been getting little credit for the skills they have mastered along the way!! So here is my credit, where credit is due!! Without guys with small packages, many woman of the word may not have ever experienced multiple orgasms!! Panties off to you fellas, keep up the good work!!

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

This One Is For The Fellas!

Ok Guys,
Women can be pretty simple! Seriously!! 
There are a few Simple things you can do to increase your chances with the ladies. 

On a first date DO NOT:

A)DO NOT: Wear the oldest T-shirt in your drawer, or the cleanest one from the floor and your "best" jeans!! Every grown man should own a nice shirt, jacket, pants & shoes!! If the 16yr olds can wear a shirt and tie to their away football games, you can wear something nice on a first date!!

B)DO NOT: Pick your local watering hole to go for dinner and drinks!! You are trying to get to know your date, not trying to show her how many sloppy drunk people you know!!!!

C)DO NOT: Think she is going to sleep with you just because she agreed to go out with you!!! Women are not like men, we need to feel chemistry before we can even think about letting you get that close!!

D) Most importantly DO NOT pick her up and say; "what do u want to do?" You are the man, take charge and make a plan!! If you come in with a plan, it at least makes you look like you are you for something other than sex!! (If you are just horny, rub one out and leave her out of it, and save everyone the leg humping, Hahaha!!)
(If you act like all you want is sex, guaranteed, it's he last thing you will get!!)

Fellas, you need to always remember to treat women as such, we are people just the same. We do not like to be treated as objects and should always be treated with respect!!! A little goes a long way!! The guy who shows up at the door, looking like he put some effort into getting ready for his date. He will have a great time and may even get a second date!! The guy that shows up wearing  ball hat, T-shirt, jeans and sneakers, will be lucky to make it all the way through dinner, before she is ready to pack it in!!

Most men would rather have a woman on their arm, who smells beautiful, has her hair brushed, her ta-tas tucked into a bra behind a fancy blouse or shirt, a skirt and a sexy pair of heels. Rather than a pony tail, saggy ass track pants, sneakers and a hoodie!! Right???? Whether you were coming home to her or picking her up for a date. Why shouldn't women have the same expectations??? Clean yourself up for a date, have some respect for yourself, as well as for her!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Self Respect, Get It, & Keep It!! Never Lower Yourselves, Young Ladies!!!

THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If we can see your ass cheeks, in ANY way!!  

Don't you know those dresses" you are wearing are actually shirts??? YES, they are supposed to be worn with pants, tights or even shorts!! Cover your shit up!! No man will ever take you seriously when your ass is hanging out in the street for all to see!!!  No man will ever respect you, if you do not respect yourself enough to believe you have more to offer than your Va-JJ. Cover it up!!!

Ladies if you are flaunting your pink parts for all to see, men are going to look at you as nothing more than their play toy!! They will never be able to look at you and see you as, the mother of their children  Sitting at the dinner table during holiday gatherings!!! You can't take a play toy home to meet the family!!! Some times more really is more!! The more clothes you have on, the more self respect you have!! You are a confidant woman. You are showing that you know you have more to offer than just another pretty face, or a nice piece of Tits N Ass!!

Men like to imagine what you are wearing under there. They don't want you to bend over and show them you''ve got nothing on under there!! It's only sexy to go commando on a date, if you are with your honey and you are trying to rev them up for a little after dinner delight!! That being said, this is usually done under a long sleek, floor length dress, not one that just covers their ass cheeks!! Men like to undress you with their eyes, but not as much as they enjoy removing each item of your ensemble! Each piece removed, excites them more and more, as they anticipate removing that last silky item!!

Most important thing ladies, you need to love and respect yourself. First & fore most! Cover your shit up and show them what you really have to offer!!! They may actually take some time to get to know you, instead of just trying to take you home or get you in the bathroom stall, for some gritty meaningless sex!!! 

Ladies, it's up to us to teach our younger generations, the importance of self respect & self worth!! We need to let them know, they are worth so much more then a one night stand, or a weekly booty call!!! Every woman deserves to be one man's, Number 1. To be his one and only, to have everything he is looking for in one sassy little package!! If he walks away because you won't give it up to him.  Let him keep walking!!!  You are worth so much more than that!!!

Why Are So Many Young Women, Dating Older Men?

Why Are So Many Young Women, Dating  Older Men, these days??? I have been hearing this question a lot in the last few months. It's been asked by my guy friends right up to interviews done on T.V.!! The thing of it is, they have it all wrong!! The reason apparently isn't so clear, to many!!! So I thought I would throw a few things out there that nobody is talking about!!!

One of the biggest reasons women date older men, is because older men treat their women like women, not as objects to be discarded. They are respectful, polite & courteous!!! Men over the age of 40 were taught from childhood, that you must always respect a lady!!! 

Another very big reason women date older men, is because they will at the very least, take you out and buy you dinner and truly enjoy your company, before they try to put the moves on you!! If they even try anything more then a good night kiss, on the first date!!! For some reason these days, younger men seem to think, that if a woman agrees to spend any time with them at all,  it automatically means they will get laid!!! NEWS FLASH Fellas, any self respecting woman does not behave in such a manner!! If you come cross a woman who does, is that really the type of woman you want to be with??

An older man is a gentleman, he opens doors, pulls out chairs, even stands when you leave for the ladies room, and again when you return!!! They never talk about the price of the check, after dinner!!! When you are out on a date with an older man, he always makes you feel like you are the only woman in the room. (Even if it is full of beautiful woman) They make us feel like they are actually enjoying our company! Not just waiting or us to take our panties off!!!

If an older man sees something he likes, he at least puts up a good fight trying to get it! They usually, very much enjoy the challenge!!! Young guys these days don't feel a woman has anything to offer that is worth the effort!! Instead, if they don't get your panties off, on the first date. They will move along to the next one, who probably isn't wearing any panties to begin with!! 

Fellas, do you like it when your friend's dog jumps up and humps your leg????? 

No??  Guess what?? Women don't like it, when grown men do it either!!

Older men also take the time to make sure they please their lady!! They know that foreplay is a very important part of sex. They make sure their lady is just as fulfilled as they will be in the end!!! They will take their time and explore you from head to toe!!! They enjoy touching you almost as much, if not more then you enjoy being touched by them!!! It is because they know the sex game, is one of give and get!!! You must give as much as you wish to receive!!

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of mature respectful young men out there. There's just a majority of the ones who aren't!! They were raised by a generation, which is lacking in respect & kindness!!! One that is forgetting what  it really means to interact with one another!!!