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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Self Respect, Get It, & Keep It!! Never Lower Yourselves, Young Ladies!!!

THIS JUST IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If we can see your ass cheeks, in ANY way!!  

Don't you know those dresses" you are wearing are actually shirts??? YES, they are supposed to be worn with pants, tights or even shorts!! Cover your shit up!! No man will ever take you seriously when your ass is hanging out in the street for all to see!!!  No man will ever respect you, if you do not respect yourself enough to believe you have more to offer than your Va-JJ. Cover it up!!!

Ladies if you are flaunting your pink parts for all to see, men are going to look at you as nothing more than their play toy!! They will never be able to look at you and see you as, the mother of their children  Sitting at the dinner table during holiday gatherings!!! You can't take a play toy home to meet the family!!! Some times more really is more!! The more clothes you have on, the more self respect you have!! You are a confidant woman. You are showing that you know you have more to offer than just another pretty face, or a nice piece of Tits N Ass!!

Men like to imagine what you are wearing under there. They don't want you to bend over and show them you''ve got nothing on under there!! It's only sexy to go commando on a date, if you are with your honey and you are trying to rev them up for a little after dinner delight!! That being said, this is usually done under a long sleek, floor length dress, not one that just covers their ass cheeks!! Men like to undress you with their eyes, but not as much as they enjoy removing each item of your ensemble! Each piece removed, excites them more and more, as they anticipate removing that last silky item!!

Most important thing ladies, you need to love and respect yourself. First & fore most! Cover your shit up and show them what you really have to offer!!! They may actually take some time to get to know you, instead of just trying to take you home or get you in the bathroom stall, for some gritty meaningless sex!!! 

Ladies, it's up to us to teach our younger generations, the importance of self respect & self worth!! We need to let them know, they are worth so much more then a one night stand, or a weekly booty call!!! Every woman deserves to be one man's, Number 1. To be his one and only, to have everything he is looking for in one sassy little package!! If he walks away because you won't give it up to him.  Let him keep walking!!!  You are worth so much more than that!!!

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